Wular Lake (Jammu, Kashmir)


Wular lake is one of the largest fresh water lake in Asia. The lake sustains a rich population of birds.

Birds commonly seen:

Black-eared kite, Eurasian sparrowhawk, Short-toed eagle, Himalayan golden eagle, Himalayan monal, Chukar partridge, Koklass pheasant, Rock dove, Common cuckoo, Alpine swift, Indian roller, Himalayan woodpecker, Hoopoe, Barn swallow, Golden oriole etc.

These are just  to name a few…

Nearest airport:

Srinagar (45 km)

Nearest railway station:


Nearest bus station:

Regular bus are available from Srinagar

Best time to visit:

June to August

Phone number:

J & K Wildlife department 01912572570

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