White Wagtail

White Wagtail

Hindi name: Dhoban

White wagtail breeds in much of Europe and Asia and parts of North Africa. This bird got its name from its behavior of near-constantly wagging tail.

The white wagtail is the national bird of Latvia.

How does the bird appear…

This slender bird is easy to identify due its distinctive black and white plumage. It is  grey above and white below, with a white face, black cap and black throat.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found near water such as river banks and lake edges. It also inhabits farmland, moorland, parks, garden etc.


Composition of its diet varies on location but it includes mainly terrestrial and aquatic insects. It also takes small invertebrates.

Breeding & Nesting

It is monogamous. It breeds from April to August. Nest is built by both male and female and is placed in hole or crevice. Incubation is done by both parents but mainly by female. Eggs hatch after 12 days.



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