UNMCORE™ 5 in 1 Micro USB OTG Smart Card Reader

UNMCORE™ 5 in 1 Micro USB OTG Smart Card Reader

Unmcore USB OTG 5 in 1 card reader is a useful gadget available for those who want to upload data without delay. Many a times transferring and uploading data during travel becomes difficult due to unavailability of computer or laptop. USB OTG smart card reader along with your android phone will help you in this regard.

Unmcore USB OTG 5 in 1 card reader is a small device. It is easy to handle and carry as it weighs only 9 grams. The price is affordable and is in the range of Rs. 400-600/-


  1. This device is 5 in 1 and you can use it to read or write SD(HC), MS, MMC, M2, TF (T-Flash) memory cards. It can also be used for flash drives, android digital camera and compatible smart phones and android tablets.
  2. You can connect USB devices such as pen drive, USB mouse, USB keyboard etc.
  3. You can easily import photographs from your DSLR camera to your android phone using this device. You just have to connect USB cable of your camera to the device in the USB port and connect the device to your compatible android phone.
  4. If the battery of your camera is critically low, you can put the card from camera into the reader and get the photographs on your android.
  5. You can transfer data from any micro SD card to your phone with ease, using this device.
  6. You can attach USB mouse or even wireless mouse to your phone through this device for easy use.
  7. You can also connect keyboard with the help of USB OTG card reader for typing and editing text messages easily.5-in-1-Micro-USB-OTG Smart Card Reader
  8. You don’t need to carry your laptops. You can do your presentations with the help of pen drive, OTG card reader and android phone.
  9. It never lags in entertaining you as you can play games using this device.
  10. You can combine it with virtual reality head set along with your android phone to enjoy the movies you like and editing photos when on a move

Don’t you think that you must have USB OTG card reader to make your daily life more easier and happening? If yes, go get it!


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