Ultramarine flycatcher (White-browed blue flycatcher)


Ultramarine flycatcher is also known as white-browed blue flycatcher. This arboreal bird breeds in the foothills of Himalayas. It migrates to southern India during winter.

How does the bird appear…

This bird is somewhat smaller than sparrow.
Male- It is deep blue above, sides of head and neck. White patch runs from centre of throat, through breast to belly. The amount of white on brow and tail show clinal (A gradual change in an inherited characteristic across the geographic range of a species) variation from West to East along the Himalayan foothills.
Female- It is dull-slaty above; grey-white below.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It inhabits Open, mixed forests of oak, rhododendron, pine, fir, etc


It usually hunts alone and in foliage canopy. It feeds on insects.

Breeding & Nesting

Breeding season is from April to early July. Nest is placed in holes or clefts in trees or in a depression on a steep bank.

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