Tundra Bean Goose


Tundra bean goose is highly gregarious.

How does the bird appear…

The bill is black at the base and tip, with an orange band across the middle; the legs and feet are also bright orange. The adult has dark brown head and neck.  The upper wing-coverts are dark brown with narrow white fringes to the feathers. Back and rump are brownish-black with white band on the sides, and white uppertail-coverts. The tail is dark with white terminal band. Breast and belly are pale brownish and flanks are barred dark brown. Vent and undertail-coverts are white. The underwing is grayish-black.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It breeds in wet tundra, on lakes, pools or rivers in High Arctic. It winters mostly in marshes and cultivated areas, paddyfields, pastures.


It feeds on grass and creels.

Breeding & Nesting

It is monogamous. It breeds at the beginning of summer or spring. It nests at the foot of the tree. It nests in single pairs or in loose groups. Incubation period is of 28 days.


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