Striolated bunting


Striolated Bunting is beautiful and interesting bird of the desert. Due to its wandering nature they come and go where the wind takes them.

How does the bird appear…

The breeding male has a chestnut body, and grey head with darker streaking and a white supercilium and moustachial streak.

The female’s head has a brown tint to the grey, and more diffused streaking.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It prefers dry country, rocky area with arid scrub.


It feeds on seeds but also takes insects while feeding young.

Breeding & Nesting

It breeds from Mar–Jun, sometimes to Nov as timing and extent of breeding linked to local rainfall. It breeds in remote ravine away from human habitation and near to streams or water. It nests on the ground or in hole. Incubation period is around 14 days.


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