Striated Laughingthrush

Striated Laughingthrush

Striated laughingthrush found in the northern temperate regions of the Indian subcontinent.

 How does the bird appear…

It has rounded, chestnut crest. The plumage is dark brown and almost entirely streaked with white. Bill is stout and blackish. Juveniles are more rufescent above and less distinctly streaked on flanks.

 Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It inhabits broadleaf evergreen forest, secondary forest, scrub-jungle, thickets, bamboo and wooded patches.


It feeds on Insects, beetles, berries and seeds.

 Breeding & Nesting

It breeds from April to August. Nest is shallow, broad cup place high in  branches of a larger tree or among climbing plants. The usual clutch is 2-3 eggs.

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