Striated Heron


Striated heron is also known as Mangrove heron or Green-backed heron. It is a small heron.

How does the bird appear…

The adult bird has black cap with a dark line extending from the bill to under the eye. Back and wings are blue-grey. Under parts are white with small, yellow legs.

Juveniles are browner above and streaked below.

Habitat: Where to find this bird..

This bird is usually found in  a wide variety of habitat. It is found near water, including mangrove- lined shores, river edges, swamps, lakes, salt flats, wood, rice fields and canals.


It feeds on small fish, frogs and aquatic insects

Breeding & Nesting.

Nests are usually built near water in small bushes.

Interesting fact

Striated heron is known for its peculiar behavior. It sometimes uses bait, dropping a feather or leaf carefully on the water surface and picking fish that come to investigate.

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