Rufous Tree Pie


Hindi name: Mahalat

Rufous tree pie is native to Indian Subcontinent. The bird is clearly visible with its long tail and loud calls.

How does the bird appear…

Head is black. Tail is long bluish-grey with black tip. The body is cinnamon. The wings has white patch. The under parts and lower back are a warm tawny-brown to orange-brown in colour . Bill is short, thick and down curved. Bill, legs and feet are black. Both sexes are alike.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is very adaptable bird and found in open scrub, agricultural areas, and forests as well as in urban gardens.


It is omnivorous. It is almost arboreal and feeds in trees. It feeds on fruits, seeds, invertebrates, small reptiles, eggs and young of birds it has also been known to take flesh from recently killed carcasses. It is also known to cache food.

Breeding & Nesting:

In India breeding season is from April to June. Nest is shallow platform. Both sexes take part in building nest, incubation and in care of young ones.

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