Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary (Andhra Pradesh)


Rollapadu wildlife sanctuary was established in 1988 to protect the great Indian bustard and the lesser florican. It is situated in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. It is primarily a grassland ecosystem with mixed forests and thorny bushes.

Birds commonly seen:

Great Indian bustard, Lesser florican, Indian rollers, Several Myna species, Short-toed snake eagle etc.

Migratory birds- Bar headed goose, Demoiselle cranes, Greater flamingos etc.

These are just to name a few…

Nearest airport:

Hyderabad  (240 kms)

Nearest railway station:

Kurnool (40 kms)

Nearest bus station:

Kurnool (40 kms)

Best time to visit:

October to April

Phone no:

08517-283 337

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