Plum-headed Parakeet

Plum-headed Parakeet

Plum-headed parakeet is also called as blossom –headed parakeet. It is a gregarious bird and found in flocks.

How does the bird appear…

Plum-headed parakeet is mainly a green parrot. The male has red head with purple-blue shade on back of neck, cheeks and crown. There is a narrow black neck collar with bright bluish-green below on the nape and a black chin stripe that extends from the lower mandible. Upper mandible is orangish-yellow, lower mandible is dark. Shoulder and rump has red patch. Tail is bluish-green with white tips.

Female has bluish-grey head and lacks   the black and bright bluish-green collar which is replaced by yellow. The upper-mandible is corn-yellow and there is no black chin stripe or red shoulder patch.

Young birds have green head and mandibles are yellowish.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in forest, open woodland and, even in city gardens


It feeds on grains, fruits, the fleshy petals of flowers. It sometimes attacks agricultural fields.

Breeding & Nesting

In India breeding season is from December to April. The pair carves hole in tree trunk and 4-6 eggs. Incubation and feeding is done by female alone.

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