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Peacock is an Indian national bird. Peafowl is famous for its beauty and its dance (its dance is actually its courtship display). This bird has got cultural importance through some believes. The feathers of this bird are worn by lord Krishna on his crown so it is believed that keeping its feathers in home brings prosperity.

Also this bird is considered as vehicle of goddess Saraswati which lead to the belief that keeping its feathers in books makes you intelligent. This bird has also got importance in Mohmmedian community and it is considered as holy bird. You will find reference of this bird in many folk tales and in songs and also in movie songs.

In this article we will explore where to spot this bird, and learn more about its habits and habitat.

Food Habits

Peafowl is omnivorous. It feeds on seeds, insects, fruits, small mammals. It is also known to feeds on small snakes.

Plumage: How does this bird looks?

Peafowl is large sized bird. This bird can be easily recognised by its distinctive colours and train of feathers. The male is called as peacock while the female is called as peahen.

Male has metallic blue crown. It has fan like crest on head which has black bare shafts and bluish green webs at tip. The skin around eyes is bare and white. The back has scaly bronze-green feathers with black and copper markings. The primaries are chestnut and secondaries are black. The train is made up of elongated upper tail coverts. The feathers have an elaborate eye-spot. The male lifts up the train and makes its fan during breeding season so as to attract the female. The legs are strong and thighs are buff. The male has a spur on the leg above the back toe.

The peahen has rufous brown head with crest. But the tips are chestnut with greenish edges. The lower neck is metallic green. Its upper body is brownish. The under parts are whitish.


Peacock is polygamous bird. The breeding season appears to be dependent on the rains. The male raises its train and makes a fan as a part of courtship display. The nest is shallow scrape in the ground. Female lays 4-8 eggs. Incubation is done by female alone. Eggs hatch in about 28 days. The young ones join their mother very soon in forging for food.


Peacock is noisy bird. It makes loud pia-ow or may-awe calls.


  • Kingdom – Animalia
  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Class – Aves
  • Order – Galliformes
  • Family – Phasianidae
  • Subfamily – Phasianinae
  • Genus – Pavo
  • Species – P. cristatus
  • Binomial name – Pavo cristatuss


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