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Hello, today we are meeting Mr. Shekhar Bopardikar who is from Mumbai. He is architect and his wife is also an architect interior designer. He has one daughter who is a Marine biologist Researcher. Mr. Shekhar Bopardikar is an experienced and passionate birder and is active in field of Wildlife photography and bird photography since last 6 years.

Hello sir, first of all we would like to thank you as you spared time for us from busy schedule.

Sir, tell us since when are you doing birding?

It’s been almost six years since I aggressively started taking interest in Wildlife Photography, essentially photography as a hobby was entrenched in me since I was in school , those were the days when possessing a camera was a luxury , when I was in school I borrowed a camera from my uncle to explore & study it on my own. Initially I was more interested in Nature and Architecture Photography. But ever since the debacle of traditional film roll technology & the path breaking dawn of Digital imaging it gave birth to a new class of cameras called DSLR’s. Everyone perforce had to shift to this class and understandably I was not an exception to this compulsion.

How did you started birding, if there is any unique memory will you like to share it with us?

I had heard a lot about the great Bio diversity of Kutch, so when I first made a visit to Rann of Kutch both LRK and GRK, that is when I really started taking interest in Wildlife and nature photography and since has developed into a passion now. Now ever since that visit by god’s grace I have extensively travelled across Indian subcontinent and many places around the world especially in United States. It is now almost to the extent of every 2 months one visit to wilderness.

Yeah!! The sightings of Peregrine Falcon pair, the short eared Owl, and the endangered Great Indian Bustard were some of the first time memorable sightings of that first trip to LRK & GRK.

Will you tell us about any birding spots in your vicinity, if any?

Ahh !! As I was born and brought up in the heart of a mega city sadly there is hardly any birding spots near our vicinity. But it is heartening to note that the Mahim Nature Park the nearest spot from our house is the only solace for nature lovers and is the best example of Nature conservation within the metropolis. Occasionally I do visit there.

Which was your best birding tour of till now and why?

Again, It is very difficult to pin point which could be really my best birding tour, because all experiences are unique and every place and habitat is unique in itself there is no duplication.

Which are the birding destinations which you have visited up till now?

I have been to so many locations starting with GRK-LRK , Jamnagar , Bharatpur , Ranthambore , Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba , Goa, Neora Valley, Kaziranga, Sunderbans, Sattal &Pangot& Thattekad, in India and some of the unique birding spots in North America.

Would you like to share some of your unique experiences with us?

One of the Rare and very very special Wildlife’s unforgettable moments for me was in Ranthambore tour in June this year , when we saw a Red Headed Vulture(RHV) sitting lonely on the top of a tree little far away distance from where we were positioned. I kept clicking and ensured to keep focus locked at the target. As I always say providence plays major part in Wildlife photography , he decided to fly and to our greatest joy and surprise he took the exact path to fly away bang on above our head , and that’s how I got this head on shot of a flying RHV, a once
in a life time moment !!!Red Headed Vulture at Ranthambore N.P. one of the globally threatened species and extremely rare one at RTR. And also my lifer species.

Red Headed Vulture
Red Headed Vulture

Which tour (Destination) is on your wish list in near future and why?

My tours are all pre planned 4 months ahead,last year ,I had an incredible 10 tours in a year . This year have already planned for Ashtamudi in Feb , Bhopal in March and Bandhavgarh in April.

Have you work for conservation of nature or wildlife or of birds?

No, I have never got any opportunity like that although I would have loved to.

Sir please tll us something about ThirdEye reflections?

‘ThirdEye Reflections’ is a personal platform to accumulate, archive and share my joy and ecstasy of this vast infinite natural world. My only regret is that ‘Timeline of our life is so minuscule to comprehend this vast amazing beautiful planet called ‘Earth’.

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Photographs clicked by Mr. Shekhar Bopardikar…

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher-9356
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
Peafowl in full bloom
Peafowl in full bloom

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  1. Happy for Shekhar Sir who is not only a team member on our panel but a fantastic human being too. He deserves all the accolades for his birding and the thorough knowledge he possesses about both birding and photography. I am more than delighted to see his interview being published here.

    1. Wow lovely reading your article! Can’t wait to welcome you here and listen to many more of your experiences/travels etc., in the hobby we share. Looking forward to your trip to Bhopal in March and the birding trips here.
      Best wishes.

  2. Wow lovely reading your article! Can’t wait to welcome you here and listen to many more of your experiences/travels etc., in the hobby we share. Looking forward to your trip to Bhopal in March and the birding trips here.
    Best wishes.

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