Pale billed flowerpecker


Hindi name: Phulchuki

Pale billed flowerpecker is the smallest (8 cm) bird found in Southern India. It is also known as Tickell’s flowerpecker. It is a restless bird and flies from tree to tree.

How does the bird appear…

The bird is plain brownish to olive green. The underside is buff olive . Bill is down curved and pale. The iris is brown. The legs are dark greyish in colour. Both sexes are similar.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

The bird is commonly seen in urban gardens with berry bearing trees.


It feeds on fruits, nectar and berries. It swallows the whole fruit. It also feed by crushing ripe berries and sipping the juice.

Breeding & Nesting:

Breeding season is from February to June. The nest is pear shaped with slit entrance.

Interesting facts:

Its digestion is extremely rapid, and the sticky seeds pass out within 3-4 minutes and the seeds are extruded after feeding on every three or four berries consumed.

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