Painted Stork


Hindi name: Kankari

How does the bird appear…

Painted Stork is a large heavy bird. It has long, yellow bill with down-curved tip. Bare head is orange in colour. The tertials are long and have bright pink tips. Scaly, black breast brand extends up to under wing coverts, the white tips of the black coverts give it the appearance of white stripes running across the under wing lining. The body is white. Primaries and secondary’s are black with greenish gloss. The legs are pinkish-red. Juveniles are brownish in plumage.

Habitat: Where to find this bird:

It is found in freshwater wetlands but also found at irrigation canals and crop fields.


It feeds mainly on fish also takes frogs occasionally.

Breeding & Nesting:

Painted stork breed during winter. It either breeds in mixed colonies or by themselves. Incubation period is of about one month while fledging can be seen in two months.

Interesting Fact:

It is a resident bird but seasonal movements can be seen.
Its lifespan is of 20 to 30 years. Painted Stork can hiss, croak, honk, squeal and whistle.


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