Painted Spurfowl

Painted Spurfowl

Painted Spurfowl is a bird of pheasant family. It is found in rocky hill and scrub forests mainly in peninsular India.

How does the bird appear…

Male- Upperparts are darker while underparts are ochre. Tail is black. Feathers have white spots edged with black. Head and neck are black with green sheen. Mantle is finely spotted in white. Rump and wing coverts are chestnut.

Female- Female is duller than male and lacks white spotting on the body. Brow and ear coverts are rufous. The bill and legs are dark grey.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in rocky hills with scrub slopes in undergrowth in pairs or in small groups.


It feeds on seeds berries, tubers, drupes, small mollusks, insects, flowers etc.

Breeding & Nesting

Painted spurfowl is thought to be monogamous. Breeding season is from January to June. Nest is scrape in the ground lined by leaves. Eggs are incubated by female.


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