Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary (Jammu, Kashmir)


Nandini wild life sanctuary is situated 28 kms from Srinagar. The sanctuary is known for its significant pheasant population.

Birds commonly seen:

Babbler, Great jungle fowl, Barbets, Bee-eaters, Bulbul, Indian myna, Blue rock pigeon, Peafowl, Red jungle fowl, Chir pheasants, Chakor , Kalij pheasant etc.
These are just to name a few…

Nearest airport:

Jammu (26 kms)

Nearest railway station:

Jammu (28 kms)

Nearest bus station:

Buses are available from Jammu as well as from Srinagar (24 kms)


9 am to 5 pm (All 7 days of week)

Best time to visit:

September to March

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