Oriental Magpie Robin


Hindi name: Dahiyar / Kali sui chidiya

Oriental magpie robin is a small bird is found across Indian Subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia. It is well-known for its song. It is the national bird of Bangladesh.

How does the bird appear…

Male- Head, throat and upper breast are glossy blue-black. Tail is long and black with white outer feathers. Wings are black with two bold, long, white wing bars. Under parts are white.

Female- Female has dull dark grey upper parts.

Juveniles resemble female and has scaly brown upper parts and head.

 Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in open woodland, cultivated areas, parks and gardens.


The bird forages mostly on the ground. It feeds mainly on insects, but also takes flower nectar, lizards, earthworms etc.

Breeding & Nesting

In India its breeding season is from March to July. It nests in tree hollows or niches in walls etc. Nest building is done mostly by female. Incubation is done by female alone. Incubation period is of 8- 14 days.



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