Little Grebe


Hindi name: Chhoti pandubbi

Little grebe is also known as Dabchick, And belongs to the family of water birds. It is short and stout bird with blunt looking rear.

How does the bird appear…

Adult is dark above. Neck, Cheeks and flanks are rofous. It has dark, pointed bill with pale gape. Juvenile birds have a yellow bill with a small black tip, and black and white streaks on the cheeks and sides of the neck.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found at lowland near lake or large pond with plenty of vegetation. It can also be seen seen on park ponds, flooded gravel pits and reservoirs


It feeds on fish and aquatic invertebrates.

Breeding & Nesting

It breeds during rainy season in India. It nests in small colonies. Nest is usually placed on edge of the water. To protect the eggs adult cover it with weed. The young leave the nest and can swim soon after hatching, and chicks are often carried on the backs of the swimming adults.


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