Lesser Green LeafBird


Lesser green leafbird is near threatened species due to habitat loss.

How does the bird appear…

Male- It has bright green sides of neck, wing coverts upper plumage and tail. Underparts are light green. Forehead is yellowish. The wing quills are dark brown with green edging. The lores, cheeks, chin and throat are black. It has short, blue moustachial streak, and a greenish-yellow line around the black throat. Eyes are dark brown. Feet are dull grey.

Female- It has green chin and throat. The moustachial streak is pale dull blue and the feathers around the eyes are yellowish.

 Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It inhabits subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.


It usually forages alone or in pairs in subcanopy. It feeds on insects, fruits, berries and on nectar.

 Breeding & Nesting

It breeds during February to August. Nest is open cup shaped structure placed on end of branches. Incubation period is of 14 days. Incubation is done by female while male does the duty of feeding female.

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