Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary (Maharashtra)


Jayakwadi bird sanctuary is in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The sanctuary is near Nathsagar lake, which makes area rich in aquatic flora and fauna

Almost 200 species of birds can be found in this region, which includes more than 70 species of migratory birds. Out of these, 45 chief species are of international migration.

Birds commonly seen:

Cranes,  Flamingos, Brahmany Duck, Pochards Teals, Pintails, Wigeon, Shovellar, God Wit, Shauces, Glossy Ibis etc.

Nearest airport:

Aurangabad (50 km)

Nearest railway station:

Aurangabad (50 km)

Nearest bus station:

Jyakwadi bird sanctuary is well connected by road.

Best time to visit:

November to February.

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