Interview of Mrs.& Mr. Mansur Ahamad: An amazing family in birding field.

Hello viewers,

We are glad to meet Mrs. Gayatri Mansur Ahamad and Mr. Mansur Ahamad. They both are in birding field since long and are very keen about it.

They are from Coimbtore and today they are giving us interview from field, presently they are at Kannampalayam lake, Coimbtore. Mrs. Gayatri says it is less explored area but the number bird species found here is around 250.

They showed us some photographs taken at field and also mentioned a place named Kunnamkulam. It is the place where people avoid crackers even in Diwali festival to not to disturb birds.

This amazing couple is also training their son in birding and he is equally interested in it.

They advice birders to not to disturb birds especially during nesting season.

We wish them all the best for their future birding journey.

Photograph by Mr. Mansur Ahamad:

Malabar grey hornbill
Malabar grey hornbill

Happy Birding..

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