Interview of Mr. Vijay Patil: Birding is my meditation.



Welcome to today we are meeting Mr. Vijay Patil who is from Navi Mumbai and works in CIDCO as sr. civil Engineer. He has become first prize winner of birderpics photo contest May 2017. He started his birding journey 7 years back.

He says Navi Mumbai is beautiful place, surrounded wetlands and one who lives here cannot resist falling in love with nature.

Mr. Patil captured the winner photograph at Bharatpur. He narrates that the landing style of bird is the thing which really fascinated him and he took photograph.

Mr. Patil contributes success of his journey to his colleagues and friends of CIDCO who always appreciated and encouraged him in his birding and bird photography.

He advices birders to respect mother-nature. He is active in tree plantation and also encourages others to plant more and more trees.

We wish him all the best for his birding journey.

Photographs by Mr. Vijay Patil.



Happy Birding..   


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