Interview of Mr. Sumeet Khare


Hello viewers,

Today we are meeting Mr. Sumeet Khare who is from Pune, he owns tour and travel company. He was interested in wildlife since long but his special interest in birding developed since 2015.


He loves to photograph small colorful birds like flycatchers but at the same time he likes raptors specially falcons.

His photographs secured fourth and fifth position in birderpics monthly photo contest April 2017. The first photo is of Pallid scops owl which he took at LRK. Second photograph is of Short-eared owl and he tells that he crawled around 500m to take this shot.

He advices young birders to not to get discouraged and continue your passion in the field of birding.

Mr. Sumeet Khare is writing a book “100 Species of Birds” it will be published in November 2017.

All the best Mr. Sumeet Khare!!

Photography by Mr. Sumeet Khare



Happy Birding….


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