Interview of Mr.Soumyajit Basu


Hello and welcome to today we are meeting Mr. Soumyajit Basu who is basically from Kolkata but presently living in Hyderabad and works in an IT company.

Mr.Soumyajit Basu who loved nature and photography since beginning, started birding and bird photography since last one year. As he narrates, he started birding from Aminpur lake, Hyderabad.

His first bird was Greater flamingo. After large birds like Greater flamingo, Painted storks, Egret etc he moved on to small colorful birds and then to raptors and so his journey is going on. Though he have captured around 350 birds through his lens up till now, his favorite bird is Owl, as he feels they are cute and have very beautiful eyes.

He had been to Nallamala forest, Adilabad forest, Osman sagar lake etc. He works with Hyderabad Birding Pals (HBP) and in association with HBP he is doing conservation work.

If anybody finds an injured bird please contact him on 9642098000.

He advises new birders to not to go far near nests as it may disturb birds and then the bird may abandon it.

Happy Birding…


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