Interview of Mr. Sheshadri Vasan who is unanimously chosen by our judges as first prize winner of the photo contest.


Meet Mr. Sheshadri Vasan who has became first prize winner of birderpics November monthly photo contest.

This is the first contest judged by our judges and they unanimously selected Mr. Sheshadri Vasan’s photograph as first prize winner photograph.

He is from Bengaluru and interested in wildlife and photography since his college days.

In this interview he narrates the story behind winning photograph.

He also narrated a thrilling experience where he witnessed battle of T19 and her cubs with crocodile.

Mr. Sheshadri Vasan introduces himself as nature lover first and then photographer. He also adds that one should learn language of the jungle, respect the nature and then go for photography.

Conservation starts from us and the first step is not polluting the environment – says Mr. Vasan and he says he never throw litter and requests others to do the same.

We wish him all the very best for his future journey with nature.

Winning Photograph:


Crested hawk Eagle with the prey

Happy Birding…

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