Interview of Mr.Pareekshit Paliwal: Meet the youngest birder of Birderpics family


Hello birders,

Today we are meeting a very young birder Mr. Pareekshit Paliwal, he is a 12th student and has great interest in birding. He had interest in nature since beginning but he started taking interest in birding and bird photography because of his ‘mama’ (his maternal uncle).


His favorite bird species is Greater flamingo. He advices not to disturb birds for photography and suggest avoid noise and prefer crawling in the birding field.

He is not directly involved with any conservation activity but he whenever see a trap for bird or animal he removes it and this is appreciable as it helps in a way for conservation.

We wish him all the best for his future’s long birding journey.

Little ringed plover
Little ringed plover
Greater flamingos
Greater flamingos

Happy Birding…

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