Interview of Mr. Dilip Patil: Birding is my tonic and it keeps me young….


Hello viewers,

Today we are meeting Mr.Dilip Patil who is from Kolhapur and is retired from L&T case. Mr. Dilip Patil being very passionate birder carries his camera everywhere with him and calls it as his co-pilot.

Because of his profession he traveled a lot and gradually started birding while traveling.

Mr. Dilip Patil here tells us about few birding destinations in and near Kolhapur one is Sadale and Madale another is Masai Pathar, Dajipur Sanctuary, Radhanagari, Pavankhind area of Vishalgadh .

He has contributed in book “Panhalyache Pakshi Vaibhav” also his article on birding was published in “Maharashtra Times“.

Mr. Dilip Patil walks for 6 to 7 km daily and advices young generation to walk for your health. He has also started training his granddaughter for birding.

He is also active in conservation and last year he not only provided water pots for birds at Panhala but also was regularly watering then.

Mountain Bulbul

Kalij Pheasant

Happy Birding..


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