Interivew of Mr. Ganesh Jayaraman


Hello and welcome to Today is most awaited day, am saying this because today we are having Mr. Ganesh Jayaraman with us. We were following him since long and wanted to have his interview.

Mr. Ganesh Jayaraman is from Chennai and is IT professional. His love for birds is since beginning and he started bird photography since 2009 when he was in California.

His favorite destination is Himalayas and he goes there every year.

He believes a birder should be passionate towards birding and at the same time one should respect the nature.

He says, to have a good photograph one should study bird, bird’s behavior, bird’s habitat etc gear is secondary thing.

We wish him a very happy colorful birding journey.

Photographs by Mr. Ganesh Jayaraman:

Whiskered Yuhina
Whiskered Yuhina
Blue-winged Minla
Blue-winged Minla

Happy birding..      

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