Indian Roller


(Hindi name- Nilkanth)

It is the state bird of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha  and Telangana. The bird’s name roller is because of its courtship display, which is quite acrobatic.


The bird is found in grassland, cultivation, thin forest and scrub forest. It is usually seen perched on roadside electric wires.



The breast is brownish. The crown and vent are blue. The neck and throat are purplish, pinkish violet with white shaft streaks. It has pale brown bare patch around eyes. Bill is long, compressed with curved upper edge and hooked tip. Primaries are deep purple blue with band of pale blue. Tail is sky blue and terminal Prussian blue band.


They feed on insects, arachnids, small reptiles and amphibians.

Breeding and Nesting

Breeding season is from March to June. Nests created by other birds or insects are preferred as nests. Both sexes incubate eggs. Incubation period is of 17-19 days.



It takes bath in open water they diving quickly into it, this behavior is often interpreted as fishing.

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