Indian Pitta


(Hindi name- Navrang)

It is a very colourful, shy bird. The word ‘Pitta’ is derived from Telugu, which means small bird. The other local names it has got in India are based on its colours and behavior

e.g. 1.Hindi name –Navrang( nine colours) 2. Tamil name – Arumani kuruvi(6 o’clock bird)


The upperparts are green with blue tail. Lower belly and vent are bright red. The legs are strong and long. The bill is stout and it has buff coloured crown stripe, black coronal stripes, thick black eye stripe. Throat and neck are white.


It is found in scrub jungle, deciduous and in dense evergreen forest. It is found in undergrowth, hopping and picking insects from ground.


It feeds on insects and small invertebrates.

Breeding and Nesting

Breeding season is from June to August. The nest is built on ground or on lower branches. Nest has a globular structure with circular opening on one side.


It has a distinctive two note whistling call which can be heard at dawn or dusk. While calling the head is thrown back and the bill is pointed upwards.

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