Himalayan Bulbul

Himalayan Bulbul

Himalayan bulbul is called as White cheeked bulbul. It can become friendly with human beings if mixed with them from young age.

How does the bird appear…

Its head throat and crest are black and white. Back and tail are brown. The underside is pale yellow.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in northern range of Indian subcontinent. They are found in forests and area rich in shrub layer. It is also found in gardens and near human habitation.


It feeds on insects and other small invertebrates, also on berries, fruits, seeds, buds and nectar.

Breeding & Nesting

This bulbul is builds a small cup-shaped nest, from herbs, roots and twigs. The nest is built in the bush or low tree branch. The female lays usually three eggs. Eggs are incubated in around 12 days. The chicks leave the nest when 9–11 days old. The bird becomes combative towards other birds during breeding season.


This bird is also known as song bird and its song is beautiful 4-piece whistle.


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