Grey Heron


Hindi name: Nari / Kaibud / Sain

Grey Heron is large, predatory, wading bird. It has a large range.

How does the bird appear…

It is a large bird. It exhibits ashy-grey upper plumage while under parts are grayish-white. Head and neck are white. Black supercillium ends in the slender crest. There are bluish-lack streaks on the front of the neck. Iris is yellow. Bill is pinkish. Legs are long and brown.

Juveniles are duller and lack the dark stripe on the head.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found near lakes, reservoirs, large and small rivers, marshes, ponds, flooded areas, coastal lagoons, and the sea shore.


It feeds on fish, amphibians, small mammals and insects. It also takes juvenile birds.

Breeding & Nesting

Its breeding period varies depending upon range./ It breeds in colonies. Old nests are reused year after year. The eggs are laid at two-day intervals and incubation usually starts after the first or second egg has been laid. Both parents take part in incubation. Incubation period is generally of 25 days. Chicks fledge at seven to eight weeks.


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