Grey Francolin

Grey Francolin

Hindi name: Safed Titar / Gora Titar / Ram Titar

Grey Francolin is also called as Grey Partridge. It is weak flyer and flies short distance, it prefers running when approached.

How does the bird appear…

It has pale face with thin black border to the pale throat. It is barred throughout. Tail is short and chestnut with dark primaries.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It inhabits dry, open grass and thorny-scrub country, thorn scrub, dry light jungle and open cultivation areas. . It is commonly found on the outskirts of villages.


Grey francolin usually forages on bare or low grass covered ground. It feeds on seeds, grains, as well as insects, particularly termites and beetles. It also takes maggots, white-ants and other insects.

Breeding & Nesting

Its breeding season is from April to September. Nest is a scrape in ground lined by grass. Incubation is by female while both parents take care of young ones.



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