Green avadavat


Green avadavat is endemic to Indian Subcontinent. It is also called as Green munia.

How does the bird appear…

It is green above and yellow below with black and white bars on flanks.  The upper tail coverts are more yellow and the tail is black and rounded with broad feathers. The chin is pale yellow while the lower breast, belly and vent are brighter yellow. Bill is short, pointed and red. Both sexes are similar.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It prefers grasslands, scrublands, sugarcane fields, shrubby forest and boulder-strewn scrub jungle, often near water, in the foothills and lowlands of India.


It forages on ground in small groups. It feeds mainly on grass seeds but also takes insects.

Breeding & Nesting

It breeds in loose colonies. It breeds in Central India from October to January. Nest is spherical shaped with opening on side. Incubation period is of 11-18 days and incubation is done by both parents.


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