Greater Coucal


Hindi name: Mahok kook

The greater coucal is also known as crow pheasant. It is a large non parasitic member of cuckoo order.

This bird is associated with many superstitions and beliefs. People think that the calls of this bird are related to spirits and good omen.

How does the bird appear…

Greater Coucal is a large bird. The head, upper mantle and under side are black glossed with purple. The back and wings are chestnut brown. The eyes are ruby red. It has long, straight hind claw. Both sexes are similar, but the female is slightly larger than male. Juveniles are duller in plumage with spots on crown and whitish bar on the underside and tail.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

Greater Coucal is resident in Asia. This shy bird usually remains hidden in foliage. It is found in wide range from jungle to cultivation and urban gardens.
Greater Coucal often clamber about in vegetation and it also forages on ground for food. It feeds on insects, caterpillars, small vertebrates. It also eats bird eggs, fruits and seeds.

Breeding & Nesting

Greater Coucal is monogamous. The breeding season is after monsoon. The nest is built by both male and female. The nest is a deep cup shaped structure with a dome The clutch is of 3-5 eggs. The incubation period is of 15-16 days. Chicks fledge away by 18-22 days.

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