Great cormorant


Hindi Name- Pan kowwa

Great cormorant is gregarious bird and often seen in flocks when feeding and nesting.

How does the bird appear…

It is a large black bird. Adult bird in breeding plumage shows white on throat and on thighs.  Bill is horn-coloured, with yellow to orange-red gape and hooked tip.  The eyes are emerald. Legs are short and black feet are webbed. Both sexes are alike but female is smaller than male.

Juvenile has brownish neck and white belly, and sometimes mottled pale brown breast, neck and flanks.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It inhabits estuaries, lagoons, creeks, tidal flats, marshes, swamps, fish ponds, lakes and streams.


It feeds mainly on fish but also take crustaceans, mollusks and amphibians.

Breeding & Nesting

It breeds mainly on coasts. It breeds from April to June. Platform shaped nest is built on cliff or in trees. Incubation and feeding of chicks is done by both parents.


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