Generic’s USB OTG On-The-Go Cable


Technology has made our lives easier and faster. It is like a genie who is ready to fulfill your wish as soon as you make it. USB On-The-Go is another wish completed by technology. As you go through this article, you will definitely agree with me.

USB On-The-Go cable is tiny, but very useful device. It weighs around 10 gms and around 10 cms long. It means it is very handy. And many times the troubling ghost is cost, but here you will be happy to know that the cost is around Rs. 90/- This means this device which have got many uses can fit into budget very easily and also it is easy to carry.

This is very useful feature of android. It allows USB OTG compatible devices to at as host of controller for other USB devices.

Uses of the USB OTG On-The-Go Cable

  • You can import photos from digital cameras to Android device easily using USB OTG cable. Connect USB OTG cable to your android phone and attach USB cable of the camera to it. And you will easily get photos from camera to your phone.
  • Using USB OTG cable one can control DSLR camera and can make fine adjustments using its manual controls with Android Smart phones. You can adjust focus, zoom control, shutter speed, ISO directly from your android smart phone. All you have to do is connect USB OTG cable to your USB OTG compatible android phone. It can even be used to record Time lapse videos.
  • The important use is for charging your mobile. If charging point or source is not available you can use other mobile to charge your mobile using USB OTG cable. All you have to do is make the other mobile host by connecting USB OTG cable to it. And connect your USB cable to the OTG cable.
  • You can connect a USB memory stick to your device via USB OTG cable to transfer information. You can also use this feature to transfer media (movies, songs, images etc). Similarly a USB memory card reader can be connected using USB OTG cable.
  • You can connect mouse and keyboard to your android using USB OTG cable. Connecting mouse will prove extremely useful if the screen is broken or damaged. And with the use of keyboard you can type or edit or text messages easily.
  • You can also connect external USB MIDI controller keyboard to your USB OTG compatible mobile to create music.
  • You can also use it for playing games.

So, I think this is cool device which is multipurpose and yet cheap and handy.



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