Crested hawk-eagle


(Hindi name- Shahbaj)

Crested hawk-eagle is a slender forest eagle. It is a bird of prey. This bird is usually found singly, except in the breeding season.


The bird is usually found in open woodland. It is found perched on main branch amongst the canopy foliage (foliage = plants and leaves collectively) of high trees near forest clearings.


Both sexes appear similar, but males are smaller than females.
The bird is brown above. It has white below, with barring on the undersides of the flight feathers. Tail and throat has longitudinal streaks. White breast shows chocolate streaks. The juveniles have whitish or buff under parts and head with few dark streaks (streaks = lines).

Breeding & Nesting:

December to April is the breeding season. Nest is built high up on a forest tree. Nest is a large stick platform. It lays single egg. Egg hatches in 35-44 days and fledging takes place in 65-70 days.


It feeds on mammals, bird and reptiles.

Unique feature:

The crest is the most important hallmark of this robust bird. This crest is raised when the bird is alarmed.

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