Creseted Serpent Eagle


(Hindi name- Kalgidar sarp chil)

Crested serpent eagle is medium sized raptor. As its name suggests, it is specialist reptile hunter. Long feather on the back of the head gives the bird crested appearance.


It is broad and sturdily built bird. It has short tail and rounded wings. It appears to be thick-necked due to its short black and white nuchal crest.

The facial skin is bare and yellow. The underside is dotted with white and yellowish brown. The tail and underside of flight feathers are black with broad white bars. The feet are bare, heavily scaled and yellow. Juveniles have lot of white on the head.


It is found over areas with thick vegetation.


It feeds over snakes and lizards.

Breeding and Nesting:

Breeding season starts in late winter.

Old nest are often re-used. Most nests are built along riverine trees. Eggs are laid in early summer. Eggs hatch is about 41 days.

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