Common Tailorbird


(Hindi name- Darji)

Common tailorbird is a shy bird and hence remains hidden. This is a song bird. Though the name is tailorbird the meaning of its scientific name sutorius is cobbler and Orthotomus means straight-cutting. You will find the bird in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book.

In this article we will explore where to spot this bird, and learn more about its habits and habitat.

Habitat: Best places to spot Common Tailorbird

The common tailorbird is found across tropical Asia. The bird usually seen in urban gardens.


Its nest is deep cup lined with soft material and is placed in thick foliage. The leaves holding the nest have the upper surface outwards making it difficult to spot. Sometimes the nest is made from single large leaf.

Food Habits

Common tailorbird is an insectivores bird. It feeds on bugs and beetles.

Plumage: How does this bird looks?

This small bird can be easily distinguish because of its bright colours and upright tail. The upper parts are bright green and underparts are creamy. The crown is rufous. Its eyes are pale brown with pinkish legs and feet. Bill is sharp and curved. The wings are short and rounded. Both sexes are similar but male shows long central tail feather in breeding season while female has less rufous on forehead. Juveniles are duller in plumage.


Common tailorbirds breeding season is from June to August in India. Usually three eggs are laid. The incubation period is about 12 days. Female incubates eggs while male takes responsibility to feed the female. Both the parents feeds young ones. Young birds fledge in about 14 days.


The call is loud cheeup-cheeup-cheeup. Though the bird remain hidden in thick foliage, its loud call shows its presence.


Common tailorbird is usually found singly or in pairs. This active restless bird is seen in undergrowth trees and sometimes hopping on the ground.


  • Kingdom – Animalia
  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Class – Aves
  • Order – Passeriformes
  • Family – Cisticolidae
  • Genus – Orthotomus
  • Species – O. sutorius
  • Binomial name – Orthotomus sutorius

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