Common Iora


Hindi name: Shaubigi

The common iora is across the tropical Indian subcontinent. It is easily detected due to its loud whistles and the bright colours.

How does the bird appear…

It is sexually dimorphic bird. Bluish-grey bill is pointed, notched with straight culmen.
Male- It has black crown and bright yellow face. In breeding season it shows dark green to black upperparts. Underparts are bright yellow, with larger white feathers on flanks. Black wings show white wing bar. Rump is green and tail is blackish. Non-breeding male has greenish upperparts, almost like female.
Female- It has greenish upperparts and dull yellow underparts. forehead and eyebrow and crown are olive-green. Wings are grey-black.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in scrub forests and avoids dense forest.


It searches for insects in canopy. It mainly feeds on insects like insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, dragonflies and mantises.

Breeding & Nesting

It breeds after monsoon. Cup shaped nest is placed in fork of tree. Eggs are incubated by both male and female. Incubation period is of 14 days.

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