Common Blackbird


The Common blackbird is also called as Eurasian blackbird.

How does the bird appear…

Male- It has glossy-black plumage with blackish-brown legs. Bill is orange-yellow with yellow eye-ring.
Female- It is sooty-brown with a dull yellowish-brownish bill. It has a brownish-white throat and weakly mottled breast.
The juvenile is similar to the female, but has pale spots on the upper parts.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

Common Blackbird is found in very varied habitats, from mountainous regions to big city centers. It is found in open forests, forest edges, parks etc.


It is omnivorous bird. It forages mainly on ground. It feeds on insects, earthworms, seeds and berries.

Breeding & Nesting

Breeding starts in March. Cup shaped nest is built by female alone. Incubation period is of 12-14 days, female does the incubation.

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