Clamorous reed warbler


Clamorous feed warbler is large song thrush.

How does the bird appear…

During spring both male and female have plain unstreaked olive-brown upperparts with slightly rufous tinge on the uppertail. The underparts are whitish-buffy. The flanks, underwings and undertail are brownish. Supercilium is light buffy-brown. In autumn it shows more of buffy tone. The bill is strong and pointed, dark brown with light base of lower mandible; legs are brownish.

Juveniles are similar to adults but have brightly rusty-buffy tones especially on underparts.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is found in large reed beds often with small bushes.


It is insectivorous.

Breeding & Nesting

In Indian Subcontinent it breeds during March to August. Nest is basket shaped. Nest is place in reeds.

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