Chandaka Elephant Reserve (Odisha)


Chandka Elephant Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve located in north western fringe of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Around 167 bird species are found over here.

Birds commonly seen:

Peafowl, Red junglefowl, Crested serpent eagle, Great horned owl, Black headed oriole, Paradise flycatcher, Coucal and Stone curlew etc.

Several migratory duck species, Garganey, Common teal, Pintail, Spot billed and Brahminy duck, White eyed pochard. These migratory birds are seen at Kumarkhunti reservoir during winter.
Resident birds- Lesser whistling teal, Dabehick, Cotton teal, Nakta, Lesser cormorant, Bronze winged Jacana, White breasted waterhen, Pied, White breasted and Little blue kingfishers, Red wattled lapwings

Nearest airport:

Bhubneswar (20 km)

Nearest railway station:


Nearest bus station:

Buses and taxis are available from Bhubneswar. Direct bus service is also available from Kolkatta and Jamshedpur.

Best time to visit:

June to October

Phone number:


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