Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret

Hindi name: Surakhiya

How does the bird appear…

Adult is mainly white with yellow bill and greyish-yellow legs, in non-breeding season. During breeding

season it developes orange-buff plumes on the back. Both sexes are similar.

Juveniles doesn’t have coloured plumes and have black bill.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

The bird is found in open grasslands, meadows, dry agricultural fields, floodplains, swamps, paddy-fields, marshes and mangroves.


The cattle egret feeds on a wide range prey.It akes insects especially grasshoppers, crickets, flies and moths.It also feeds on as well as spiders, frogs, and earthworms. The bird usually folows cattle and large grazing animal and catches small creatures disturbed by the mammals. Rarely its been observed foraging along the branches of a banyan tree for ripe figs.

Breeding & Nesting

The species breeds around the year. The nest is built on trees and thickets with twigs. Nest material is collected by male while female builds the nest. Incubation period is around 23 days. Incubation is done by both the parents.


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