F Gear Macho Haversack


You require many things for birding e. g. camera, lenses, tripod, field guide, binocular, goggles etc. But the main thing you require is a bag to carry all these things. It should not only carry but also should keep all the things safely without them getting damaged. At the same time it should suit you means should be easy to carry. Backpacks are very much useful as your hands remain free for activities.

F gear macho haversack will prove itself useful for you and how that you will get to know as you go through this article.

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Olympus 8×40 DPSI binoculars


One of the important birding gear is binoculars. You have to have binoculars as you start birding. Binoculars help you to locate the birds & observe their activities like nesting, feeding, mating, flight etc. But at the same time you must be thinking of other side of the coin which is cost of the binocular. Your need of binocular can be fulfilled in your budget with Olympus 8×40 DPSI.

Go through the article for details.

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Review of Canon 1200 D


Photography is not just a hobby. It is an art and science, not only of colours, but of light, shades, angle, position, motion etc. Every photographer dreams of DSLR. But many a times you hesitate to invest in DSLR for the sake of hobby. For such photographers Canon EOS 1200D comes as a boon. This DSLR is great for beginners. You will get to know why I am saying this …..

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