Bluethroat is small, beautiful bird . It has got its name from the bright blue bib of the male.

How does the bird appear…

It is plain brown above but has distinctive black tail with red side patches. It shows white supercilium. Male has bright blue bib around his throat, bordered below with bands of black, white and chestnut.

Females have blackish crescent on an otherwise cream throat and breast.
Newly fledged juveniles are freckled and spotted dark brown above.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It is generally found in scrubby thickets, in uplands and foothills, as well as at floodplains, riverbanks and lake shores.


It is mainly insectivorus. It feeds on Insects, caterpillars. In winters it also takes seeds and fruits.

Breeding & Nesting

The breeding season is from April to June. Cup shaped nest is placed on ground an usually built by female. Incubatio period is of 13 days.

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