Black-naped Monarch


Hindi name: Kala katkatia

Black-naped Monarch is a small, slim & graceful bird. A distinctive black patch on the back of the head and a narrow black half collar makes it attractive. When alarmed, the nape feathers are raised into a pointed crest.

How does the bird appear…

Black-naped monarch is sexually dimorphic bird[1]. Male is mainly bright blue like ‘cloudless sky’. The lower belly is whitish. It has a black nape and a narrow black ornamental collar. The female is duller and lacks the black markings. The female has grey-brown wings and back.

Black-naped Monarch in flight

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

This bird is usually found in thick forests and other well-wooded habitats. You will find them on underlying layer of vegetation i.e. near the ground.

Black-naped Monarch-Female


Black-naped monarch is an insectivorous bird.

Breeding & Nesting

The breeding season in India is from March to August. The nest is neat cup placed in a fork. Female builds the nest while the male guards it. Eggs are incubated and young ones are fed by both the parents.

Interesting fact

Black-naped monarch’s call is similar to that of the Asian paradise flycatcher.

[1] Reference: Free e-book – ‘A beginners guide to birding

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