Black-headed jay


Black-headed jay is similar to Eurasian Jay and both belong to the same genus.

How does the bird appear…

Head is black with obvious crest. Black chin and throat are heavily streaked with white. Bill is short and thicker. The overall plumage is pinkish-grey. Secondary flight feathers are blue and black with barred pattern. The tail is blue, finely barred black, with slightly wider sub terminal black bar and white-tipped restricts.  Legs and feet are bluish-grey. The eyes are dark brown.

Habitat: Where to find this bird?

It prefers forest clearings rather than dense forest. It can also be seen in shrubs on hill slopes and in degraded forest.


It is omnivorous.  It feeds mainly on invertebrates and small vertebrates such as small lizards, eggs and nestlings of small birds, during the breeding season. It also takes seeds and berries, including pine seeds. The bird is also seen feeding on discarded food scraps near villages.

Breeding & Nesting

Breeding season is from April to May. Nest is deep cup built by both parents. Incubation is done by female alone. Incubation period is around of 16 days. Chicks fledged after three weeks.


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